Suez Canal at Ismalia


The Suez Canal Authority (SCA), established on July 26th, 1956 , is a public and an independent authority of a juristic personality,SCA shall report to the Prime Minister. It has all the authorities needed for running the Canal without being limited by the laws and the systems of the government.

 The SCA manages, operates, uses, maintains and improves the Suez Canal. It is the SCA, alone and exclusively, that issues and keeps in force the rules of navigation in the Canal and other rules and regulations that provide for a well and orderly run canal.
The SCA may, when needed, establish, encourage or take part in establishing projects that are related to the Canal. The SCA, for fulfilling its duties and obligations shall have all the relevant authorities and in particular the authority to own, possess land and real estates. The SCA may rent out its land or real estates and it may hire others’ land or real estate as well to serve a purpose set forth for the Canal, for the welfare of its employees and staff or for establishing projects and utilities related to the Canal that provide for a well performance of the Canal such as water stations and power plants….etc.
A Republican Decree is issued on the appointment, dismissal of the chairman and members of the SCA’s Board of Directors​ and shall stipulate their pay and remunerations as well.
The SCA shall impose and levy tolls on navigation and transit through the Canal, and on pilotage, towage, berthing and other similar actions according to the laws and regulations.
The SCA has a separate budget that follows the rules applicable to the commercial projects. The fiscal year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th every year.
The SCA shall not take any procedure that go against the provisions of the Constantinople Convention of 1888 concerning the free navigation of the Suez Maritime Canal nor shall it give any privilege to a vessel or normal / legal person that is not given, in the same circumstances, to other vessels or normal / legal persons and nor shall it discriminate against some clients in favor of some other clients.













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